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Tony Curtis’s Bride Quitting Acting

May 6, 1963 - Christine Kaufmann, Tony Curtis’s 18-year-old German bride, is retiring from her acting career. Regarding her decision, she said, “You cannot be a woman and an actress.” It is her theory that a successful actress soon becomes a relentless, driving individual who loses her femininity and eventually her husband. “I’m delighted she’s retiring,” said Curtis. “Unless you can work in this business on your own terms, it’s a terribly boring, degrading profession. Fortunately, I’m in a position to work on my own terms. Christine isn’t.” His wife added, “It’s impossible to be an actress and a wife because you come home feeling and looking like a slob. You can’t do both jobs well. And I prefer to be a woman to being an actress.” “I didn’t help her make the decision,” Curtis chimed in. “I don’t want her to blame me later if she ever regrets giving up her career.” Miss Kaufmann, who became an actress at 7, has starred in 30 European movies and 3 American pictures. “My retirement won’t be any great loss to the profession,” she said with a smile. “I don’t think I’ll be missed."


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