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Tigers’ Stars Injured in Japanese Exhibition Game

Oct. 27, 1962 - The Detroit Tigers overpowered the Daimai Orions, 12-1, before a Tokyo crowd of 27,000 today in the opener of their 17-game tour of Japan. However, the injury jinx was still with the Tigers. Norm Cash was hit behind the right ear by a pitched ball, and Al Kaline twisted his right foot, the ligaments of which had been torn in Honolulu last week. Cash left the game for X-rays. He said by telephone three hours later, “I’m OK — just got a big knot on my head.” Asked whether he would play tomorrow against the Yomiuri Giants, Cash said, “I expect I will.” Kaline stayed in the game for six innings despite the foot injury. The Tigers scored eight runs in the first inning.


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