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Three Pro-Castro Cubans Arrested on Conspiracy Charges

Nov. 17, 1962 - Three pro-Castro Cubans were arrested in New York today on sabotage conspiracy charges after the FBI had seized a cache of explosives and incendiary devices. The Government complaint alleged that the materials were “for the purpose of injuring and destroying national defense materials, premises, and utilities” in the New York area. An FBI spokesman said the inquiry had suggested that large retail stores in Manhattan and oil refineries in New Jersey were possible targets. Federal agents charged two members of the Cuban mission to the U.N. with complicity in the conspiracy. They are a man and wife, suspected of having passed the weapons to the alleged sabotage conspirators. The couple have diplomatic immunity, but the U.S. demanded their recall. The three Cubans were Roberto Santiesteban Casanova, 27, a newly arrived attaché in the Cuban mission; José Garcia Orellano, 42, in whose costume jewelry office on 27th Street the cache was found; and Marino Antonio Esteban Del Carmen Sueiro y Cabrera, 22, an employee of the jewelry concern.


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