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Three American Soldiers Killed in South Vietnam

Oct. 6, 1962 - Three Americans were killed today when a U.S. Marine helicopter crashed and burned north of Quangngai in South Vietnam. A rescue mission traveled into the area by foot to help five others who were injured in the crash, about 300 miles north of Saigon. A helicopter could not land to assist them because of the rough terrain. There was no information on whether the helicopter had crashed accidentally or was felled by fire of the Viet Cong. The Communists shot down two helicopters in another incident yesterday and killed one American and wounded two others. The aircraft that fell today was participating in an operation against a Communist stronghold. If Viet Cong fire was responsible, that would bring to 17 the number of Americans killed in combat against the Communists since the U.S. stepped up its aid to the Vietnamese Government.


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