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🚨Thousands of U.S. Marines Arrive in Key West

Oct. 21, 1962 - A large number of U.S. Marines have arrived at Key West Naval Base during the last two days. An unconfirmed report fixed the number of Marines at 6,000. These Marines are combat ready, with trucks, jeeps, and arms. An undisclosed number of planes were said to have flown into the Boca Chica Naval Station, about 10 miles north of Key West. More than a week ago, about a dozen supersonic jet fighters arrived at the big Homestead Air Base, about 20 miles south of Miami. Construction men appeared suddenly at the Key West Airport today under orders to work through the night to build a control tower. Informed sources indicated the tower was needed to handle a big increase in traffic. Frequent airport visitors said servicemen were pouring into the island city, located 90 miles from Cuba.


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