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Thousands March for Peace in New York City

Apr. 21, 1962 - Thousands of peace walkers and pacifists marched to the U.N. today in an appeal to President Kennedy to cancel his decision to resume nuclear tests in the atmosphere. The demonstrators, estimated by the police at 4,000 persons, marched in the warm sun, some of them singing songs of brotherhood, some of them laughing, some carrying placards calling for disarmament. There were students, clergymen, painters, actors, Quakers, a few beatniks, and many housewives, some of whom pushed infants in carriages. The demonstrators assembled in Bryant Park at 1 p.m. Then, under the watchful eye of 125 policemen, the marchers advanced in a long column along 42nd Street to the United Nations. A young man strummed his guitar and youngsters sang songs of peace with such words as “Oh Lord, deep in my heart, I know that I do believe…We shall brothers be, we shall ban the bomb, we shall live in peace.”


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