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The Kennedys Celebrate Easter

Apr. 14, 1963 - The nation’s first family attended Easter services today in the privacy of home. Mass was said for President and Mrs. Kennedy in the large, Spanish-style living room at the seaside residence of Joseph P. Kennedy, the President’s father, in Palm Beach, Fla. Present for the private service were the President’s mother, Mrs. Rose Kennedy, his daughter Caroline, and his brother, Sen. Edward M. Kennedy, with his wife Joan. In the house but not at mass was the President’s 2-year-old son, John Jr. Later in the day, the President went cruising on the White House yacht, Honey Fitz. The cruise was enlivened when the President hailed the twin-hulled catamaran Pattycake and asked for a turn at the tiller. As the craft maneuvered close to the Honey Fitz on the waters of Lake Worth, Mr. Kennedy and Under Secretary of the Navy Paul Fay clambered aboard, wearing life jackets. The President commanded the speedy catamaran on a run across the lake, then Mr. Fay took a turn. Mr. Kennedy, barefoot and wearing bright red slacks, kept a cigar clenched between his teeth. His Easter holiday will continue until Wednesday night.


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