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The Hollies Release Debut Album

Jan. 15, 1964 - On sale in the U.K. today is the debut album by the British rock band “The Hollies,” a Parlophone release. Since the massive success of the Liverpool-based group The Beatles in the U.K. last year, many artists and repertoire men from London-based record labels have been traveling to Liverpool in search of similar groups. When Ron Richards from Parlophone visited Liverpool last year, the group playing that night at the Cavern Club was The Hollies, who were actually from Manchester. The Richards promptly signed them to Parlophone, which is also the Beatles’ label.

The Hollies originated as a duo formed by Allan Clarke and Graham Nash, who were best friends from primary school and began performing together during the skiffle craze of the late 1950s. Other members were added, and the name The Hollies was first used in December 1962. Most of the songs on the new album were originally written and performed by Americans, including Chuck Berry. The only original composition on the album is “Little Lover,” written by Clarke and Nash. The single from the record, “Stay,” was released by Parlophone in November and peaked at No. 8 on the U.S Albums Chart.


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