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The First Lady is a Celebrity

Dec. 2, 1962 - Mrs. Jacqueline Kennedy has become the favorite “cover girl” of magazines that friends say she would never dream of reading. With newsstands across the country plastered with movie magazines featuring pictures and stories about Mrs. Kennedy, the White House is busy answering letters of protest. Why, the writers ask, does Mrs. Kennedy allow such stories? The answer, White House aides say, is that nothing can be done about it. Mrs. Kennedy is in the public domain. On the day her husband was inaugurated as President, she said: “I felt as though I had just turned into a piece of public property. It’s frightening to lose your anonymity at 31.” Caroline Kennedy, too, has become a cover girl. The December issue of Motion Picture, carrying a picture of Caroline, has a headline: “How long can they hide the truth from Caroline Kennedy?” The story inside, illustrated with many pictures of the entire Kennedy family, asks: “How long can they, her parents, hide the truth from Caroline Kennedy — that she is a celebrity, a star in her own right, and that father and mother aren’t just like the family next door or the folks down the street?”


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