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Texans Sneak by Titans, 20-17, in Brawl-Filled AFL Contest

Oct. 21, 1962 - In Dallas today, Tommy Brooker’s 42-yard field goal with 51 seconds left gave the Texans a 20-17 victory over the New York Titans in an American Football League game that erupted into a brawl. A dozen players battled on the sideline with only 3:21 left. Abner Haynes, who had scored a Dallas touchdown on a 78-yard run with a pass and another on a 1-yard plunge, was ejected from the game for slugging Jerry Fields, a Titan linebacker. With 34 seconds left, another fight broke out, but order was quickly restored. Buddy Cockrell, a 247-pound New York tackle, was ejected from the game for this second disturbance. Haynes’s two touchdowns and two field goals by Brooker provided the Dallas points. The trouble between the teams started when Haynes, who had caught a pass at the sideline, came up swinging at Fields. Players from both teams started throwing punches. The next fight started after Curtis McClinton had made an 8-yard run to the New York 33 and was piled on. Some of the Titans dashed onto the field from the bench, but only a few blows were struck this time.


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