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Testimony on Nazi War Crimes Heard in Coblenz

Nov. 13, 1962 - A witness testifying in Germany’s biggest war crimes trial since the Nuremberg cases said today that Nazi S.S. troops lashed children with whips to separate them from their parents before the children were shot. Dr. Adalbert Reiff, former district judge in the Soviet city of Minsk during German occupation during World War II, told the court in Coblenz, Germany, that the children of 3,300 German Jews were driven from their parents and then executed. The court is trying 12 former Nazis on charges of having murdered 12,000 Jews, gypsies, and other “enemies of Nazism” in the Minsk area during the war. Dr. Reiff said all of the children, numbering in the thousands, were shot, but he did not have the precise number of murder victims. PIctured below, German soldiers parade three young people through Minsk before their execution by hanging on October 26, 1941. The placard reads: “We are partisans who shot at German soldiers.”


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