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Television and Radio Stations Resume Normal Programming

Nov. 26, 1963 - Television and radio stations will resume normal program schedules at their respective starting times this morning. For nearly four days, all stations had suspended customary shows and commercials to broadcast news of the assassination of President Kennedy, subsequent events, and somber and sacred music befitting the national mourning. Soon after midnight tonight, the three national television networks ended coverage of the most monumental event they had ever experienced. More than 1,000 news reporters, technicians, and other news department personnel had been hastily mobilized on Friday. Many had little sleep in the intervening time. The cost for the networks in canceled commercial shows and extra expenses in news coverage will run into many millions of dollars. CBS said yesterday it did not know whether it owed TV rights fees to the NFL for games it did not televise Sunday. The league teams played the games as scheduled. The question involves about $300,000. As for the advertisers who would have sponsored the football telecasts, CBS said they would not be billed for that date. In related news, the title of an episode of “The Defenders” for Dec. 7 was to be “The Gentle Assassin.” CBS said the title would be changed to “Climate of Evil,” but the episode itself would be presented as scheduled.


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