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“Suicide Team” to Investigate Monroe Death

Aug. 5, 1962 - A special “suicide team” will be enlisted to aid in determining if Marilyn Monroe’s death was suicidal or accidental, Los Angeles County Coroner Theodore J. Curphey disclosed today following a 90-minute autopsy. Pictured below are medical attendants removing the actress’s body from her home earlier this morning. An autopsy was later performed by Dr. Thomas Noguchi, deputy medical examiner. “From information supplied to us, we feel we can make a presumptive opinion that death was due to an overdose of a drug,” Dr. Curphey said. He said further toxicological and microscopic studies of the blood and vital organs will be made, and results should be available within 48 hours. But the coroner said it will be about a week before an investigation establishes whether or not Miss Monroe’s death was an accident. Dr. Robert Litman, a psychiatrist, and Dr. Norman Farberow, a psychologist, will “take a psychiatric approach to the case,” Dr. Curphey said. This approach will involve delving into Miss Monroe’s personal history.


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