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🚨Students and Others Riot at University of Mississippi

Oct. 1, 1962 - James H. Meredith, a 29-year-old Negro, was admitted last night to the University of Mississippi campus in Oxford and was scheduled to enroll today in the all-white institution. A major riot broke out shortly after his arrival, and marauding bands of students and adults, many from other states, were still ranging through the campus and the town early today. At least two men were killed, and hundreds were wounded. Fifty persons were being treated for various injuries in the university infirmary. Six U.S. marshals were shot, and one was seriously wounded. Although the riot started around 7:30 p.m. local time, Army troops did not arrive until 5-and-a-half hours later. About 200 military policemen arrived from Memphis shortly after 1 a.m. Army headquarters received word early today that about 200 more persons had joined the rioting mob and that the situation on the campus was “very bad.” About 2,500 regular Army military policemen and infantrymen were shortly converging on Oxford. Army observers in Mississippi reported to headquarters that automatic weapons fire was being aimed at the registration building.


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