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Steinbeck Dog Charley Is Dead

May 5, 1963 - Nobel Prize-winning author John Steinbeck (pictured last year) arrived at a White House dinner last week with sad news: Charley is dead. As readers of 1962’s “Travels with Charley” know, Charley (right), an aging standard poodle, was Mr. Steinbeck’s only companion on a nationwide truck trip in 1960. Mr. Steinbeck referred to Charley as his ambassador, who was a great icebreaker in easing communication with those they met on their journey. Sharing the cab of the three-quarter-ton pickup truck which had been saddled with a camper top for all the comforts of home, the duo trekked from coast to coast, east to west, and back — over 10,000 miles, 34 states, and 3 months on the open road. Charley died two weeks ago, the Steinbecks reported sadly at last Tuesday’s state dinner for Grand Duchess Charlotte of Luxembourg. He was 11 years old.


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