Sprinter Frank Budd Signs with the Eagles

June 26, 1962 - Forsaking another shot at the Olympics for “my first love, football,” Frank Budd, Villanova’s great sprinter, today signed to play for the Philadelphia Eagles. Vince McNally, general manager of the Eagles, said that Budd signed a contract with no promises that he would be retained unless he made the squad. The Eagles weren’t exactly buying an unknown quantity in making Budd their seventh draft choice this year and signing the 100-yard dash world record-holder. Although he didn’t play college football, Budd scored 98 points as a single-wing tailback in his senior year at Asbury Park High School in New Jersey. Nick Skorich, the head coach, recently went to Villanova and put Budd through a pass-catching drill. “He has the hands of a pass receiver,” said Skorich. “We think he has great possibilities. What a passing threat we could have with Budd and Tommy McDonald tearing down field for a Sonny Jurgensen pass. They could discourage the defense.”

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