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Specialist 4-C George Fryett is Prisoner of the Viet Cong

June 11, 1962 - A U.S. soldier who disappeared Christmas morning after pedaling out of Saigon on his bicycle is a prisoner of the Communist guerrillas. Radio Liberation, voice of the Viet Cong, said Specialist 4-C George F. Fryett, had signed letters denouncing the “United States-Diemist regime.” Ngo Dinh Diem is the President of South Vietnam. Specialist Fryett apparently has been subjected to intensive brainwashing during his captivity of more than five months, American sources said. The Viet Cong radio broadcast gave the text of a letter in which Specialist Fryett allegedly stated: “I was an accomplice of the criminal maneuvers of U.S. imperialism and the Diem Administration in South Vietnam.” The message also blamed U.S. planes for strafing “poor people who are being sacrificed for those taking advantage of the U.S.-Diemist regime.”


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