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Spahn Wants the Ball Every Fourth Day

Apr. 4, 1963 - Warren Spahn, an 18-game winner in 1962, believes he can return to the 20-game circle this year. But the Braves’ southpaw, pushing 42, makes an important stipulation: new manager Bobby Bragan must let him pitch every fourth day. “I realize most older pitchers like to work every fifth day or perhaps once a week, but with me that’s no good,” Spahn insisted. “My arm is a creature of habit. It’s accustomed to working every fourth day, and that’s how it must continue. Otherwise, my arm has very little life in it.” Spahn is going into his 18th season the same as he did his first — working as hard and as long as anyone else. “There’s only one way I know of getting into shape, and that’s following the routine set up for the whole camp,” he said. “If the other fellows run, I run. If they do calisthenics, I do calisthenics. I can’t let my age interfere. If I did, I might as well quit.” All of this sits well with Bragan, who is willing to go along with Spahn’s wish to pitch every fourth day. “I certainly will give him his chance,” the Braves’ skipper announced. “I hope he can do it. It will only improve our record that much.” Bragan has Spahn listed to pitch the Braves’ opener April 9 against Pittsburgh.


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