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Soviets Withdraw Tanks from Berlin Border

Jan. 18, 1962 - The Soviet Army has withdrawn a dozen tanks from the heart of East Berlin, where they were encamped about half a mile from the wall at the intracity border that cuts off the Communist sector. The withdrawal took place last night about 48 hours after the U.S. Army began pulling back its tank task force from a camp on the Friedrichstrasse 500 yards from the border barricade. A spokesman at Soviet headquarters said today that the Soviet tanks had left Berlin. They had been stationed in the courtyard of the bomb-wrecked Kronprinzen Palace on Under den Linden since last October following a confrontation between Soviet and American tanks at the Friedrichstrasse border crossing point. There was no official Western reaction to the Soviet withdrawal, but the move was seen in Berlin as a further contribution to a general relaxation of tensions on the border.


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