Soviet Union Tightens Links with Cuba

July 21, 1962 - The Soviet Union has been tightening communications and air transport links with Cuba this week while focusing a propaganda effort on the continued presence of U.S. forces at the Guantanamo Naval Base there. These developments coincided with a visit to the Soviet Union of a Cuban military delegation led by Defense Minister Raul Castro (left). Last night, a huge four-engine turboprop TU-114 airliner returned to Moscow from an exploratory flight to Havana by way of Conakry, Guinea, in preparation for the start of regular airline operation between the Soviet and Cuban capitals. Earlier this week, the Soviet Union announced the inauguration of direct radio-telephone service between Moscow and Havana. Krasnaya Zvezda, the Soviet Defense Ministry newspaper, described Guantanamo this week as “the biggest base of North American imperialism in Latin America.” The newspaper said the U.S. was seeking to “reactivate its subversive activity” against Cuba. “But all these attempts will not succeed,” Krasnaya Zvezda said. “Revolutionary Cuba, which has the sympathy of all peace-loving people, is ready to give the aggressors the rebuff they deserve.”

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