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Soviet Military Advisers and Personnel Near Guantanamo

Sept. 8, 1962 - The presence of Soviet military advisers and personnel in the vicinity of the U.S. Naval base of Guantanamo, on Cuba’s eastern coast, was reported today. According to U.S. sources, reliable intelligence reports said Soviet personnel had been observed at 2 points, 15 and 50 miles from the perimeter of the base. It is believed that the Russians are assigned to the Cuban force stationed in the heavily fortified area adjacent to the base. The force has been considered a defensive unit and not an attack threat to the base, which is garrisoned by combat forces of U.S. Marines. The appearance of Soviet advisers there is believed to fit into this defensive posture. The Soviet military units in the Guantanamo region are part of the 3,500 to 4,000 Soviet specialists and service troops sent to Cuba with modern military equipment and surface-to-air guided missiles in late July and early August.


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