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South Vietnamese Troops Launch Offensive in Red-Infested Area North of Saigon

Nov. 20, 1962 - South Vietnamese troops carried by about 50 helicopters launched today what is expected to be a prolonged operation against guerrillas in an area regarded as a major Communist sanctuary. The force landed near a hamlet known as B’Run, about 70 miles northwest of Saigon. It is believed that both Vietnamese and U.S. craft were used in the lift of approximately 800 Vietnamese troops. Paratroops were also dropped into the area. About 200 Americans were involved in the operation. The attack was preceded by an intensive air strike. The area has been designated as Zone D, a haven for Communists coming down from the north and heading to the Mekong Delta in the south. It has been a Communist stronghold since the days of the French war in Indochina.


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