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South Vietnam Expels Newsweek Correspondent

Sept. 4, 1962 - The government of South Vietnam acted today to expel Francois Sully (pictured), Saigon correspondent for Newsweek magazine, on charges that he was “systematically hostile” to the country. President Ngo Dinh Diem’s regime informed Mr. Sully, a French citizen, that his application for a routine extension of his visa had been rejected on the ground that it had been presented too late. It was made clear, however, that the real reason for the rejection was official displeasure with recent Newsweek articles on the progress of South Vietnam’s struggle against Communist subversion. The letter informing Mr. Sully of the rejection said that Vietnamese public opinion was “extremely irritated by your comportment in your host country, which is at war.” Almost daily attacks against Mr. Sully have appeared in the local press since a powerful Vietnamese women’s organization assailed him and Newsweek for an Aug. 20 article entitled “Vietnam: The Unpleasant Truth.”


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