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Sophia Loren's Sister Marries Son of Mussolini in Chaotic Scene

Mar. 3, 1962 - Romano Mussolini, jazz pianist and son of Benito Mussolini, today married Anna Maria Scicolone, sister of film star Sophia Loren (pictured at the wedding), in a scene of almost complete confusion. About 2,000 persons crowded into the Church of St. Anthony in Predappio, Italy, while 5,000 filled the square outside. Photographers swarmed around the couple inside the church. At one point, they prevented the Bishop, who officiated at the wedding, from approaching the couple waiting at the altar. Before the wedding began, the groom fainted but was revived after a physician gave him an injection. The wedding party included Miss Loren and Dino Romualdi, a neo-Fascist deputy who was a witness for the bridegroom. Later in the afternoon, a car in which Miss Loren was riding was involved in an accident in which a motor scooter driver was killed. She was uninjured. Miss Loren, her chauffeur, and the driver of another car were questioned by the police. The actress than returned to the villa of Signora Mussolini.


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