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Sophia Loren's Husband Charged with Bigamy

June 25, 1962 - Sophia Loren and producer Carlo Ponti today were ordered to stand trial on charges of bigamy in Rome. If convicted, the Italian actress and her husband could get up to five years in prison. The trial order came from Judge Giulio Franco after a 22-month inquiry into the Mexican marriage of Mr. Ponti and Miss Loren. They were wed by proxy in Ciudad Juarez in September of 1957, three years after Mr. Ponti had obtained a Mexican divorce from his first wife, Giuliana Fiastra, a lawyer. Italian law does not provide for divorce, and Mr. Ponti’s action is not recognized by the courts in Italy as legal. Although he is charged with bigamy, the specific charge against Miss Loren is concurrence in bigamy. She had not been married before.


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