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Sociologist C. Wright Mills Dead at 46

Mar. 20, 1962 - C. Wright Mills (pictured), author and Professor of Sociology at Columbia University, died today of a heart attack in his home in Nyack, N.Y. He was 46 years old. Mr. Mills, who was on leave of absence, had just completed a book, “The Marxists,” which is scheduled for publication soon. Mr. Mills, who was once called a “somewhat angry sociologist,” was a hard-working Texan who wrote books that were both scholarly and popular. He once said: “Whether I have written of labor leaders or farmers, of business executives or Puerto Rican migrants, of office workers, housewives or working men, I have tried to see them as actors in the drama of 20th century U.S.A.” His latest book, “Listen, Yankee: The Revolution in Cuba,” presented the Cuban view of U.S. policy, while other books tried to shed light on the American middle class (“White Collar”) and the American ruling class (“The Power Elite”).


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