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Sir Winston Celebrates 88th Birthday

Nov. 30, 1962 - Sir Winston Churchill, celebrating his 88th birthday today, walked unaided to the window of his London residence and waved and smiled to the crowd gathered outside. The crowd cheered. Sir Winston stayed home all day and had a quiet family dinner. Congratulations and gifts poured in from all over the world. Among the presents was a bottle of 1874 brandy to commemorate the year in which he was born. Notes of good wishes were received from Queen Elizabeth II, Prime Minister Macmillan, President Kennedy, former President Eisenhower, and two former British Prime Ministers, Earl Attlee, and the Earl of Avon, formerly Sir Anthony Eden. Sir Winston wore a blue and gray suit when he appeared at the window. Lady Churchill drew aside the net curtains, and her husband waved cheerfully at those outside. As is his habit, Sir Winston rose late this morning and had a soft-boiled egg and a glass of champagne.


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