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Sinatra Backs out of Crosby TV Show

Oct. 1, 1963 - Frank Sinatra was reported today to have withdrawn voluntarily from a Bing Crosby television show after he was informed that the parent company of one of the show’s co-sponsors objected to his scheduled appearance. The show, to be televised Nov. 7 by CBS, is sponsored by Pontiac, a division of the General Motors Corporation, and the Lever Brothers Company. General Motors protested Mr. Sinatra’s appearance to Crosby Enterprises, producer of the special show. The protest was related to a charge by the Nevada Gambling Control Board that Mr. Sinatra was host to an underworld leader, Salvatore (Momo) Giancana, at the singer’s Cal-Neva Lodge in Lake Tahoe. The board is seeking to revoke Mr. Sinatra’s gaming license. The singer has refused to say whether he knew Giancana, named by the Justice Department as a leader in the Cosa Nostra. Dean Martin, who was to be a guest on the Crosby Show, also is out of the cast. Presumably he withdrew because of his friendship with Mr. Sinatra.


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