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Show Business Veteran Shirley Booth to Star in "Hazel" on NBC-TV

July 26, 1961 - Shirley Booth, whose knowledge of show business is extensive, has been learning that the television series is a thing apart. At the moment she is in the midst of making the third episode of a series called "Hazel." It is about the famous cartoon character. The series will go on NBC in late September. "I am still feeling my way with Hazel," she said. "She must have humor of course. She has to have a strong maternal complex. She has to be sort of 'butch' so she can get along with the kids. I am taking a line drawing and trying to make it into an oil painting." Each new segment goes into rehearsal on a Friday. On Saturday and Sunday, she studies the segment carefully. When she shows up for the Monday rehearsal she knows the script thoroughly. Filming is done on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. She is under contract for five years on this series.

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