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Shirley Temple is 35

Apr. 23, 1963 - Shirley Temple (pictured in 1935) celebrated her 35th birthday today where she became a show business legend 3 decades ago — in front of a Hollywood camera. Miss Temple shared a birthday cake and some reminiscences with the cast and crew of a Red Skelton television episode in which she was guest star. “No one has paid this much attention since I was starring in pictures,” smiled Shirley, now Mrs. Shirley Black of Woodside, Cal., and mother of three children. She said she seldom comes to Hollywood these days because being a wife and mother keeps her as busy as she needs to be. “I have no burning desire to act,” she said. “I’m exactly what I hoped to be some day, a wife and mother. I wanted this kind of life even when I was a child star.” She disclosed that she first started in the movies — which earned her more than $3 million — when she was 4 years old, not 3. Her studio shaved a year off her age “with a phony birth certificate made up to prove I was 3.” She said she herself did not know differently until she was celebrating her 12th birthday. Her mother told her at that time she was really 13.


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