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Shah of Iran Visits White House

June 5, 1964 - President Johnson toasted Mohammed Riza Shah Pahlavi (left) of Iran today as a “reformist 20th century monarch” whose leadership had kept Iran free and had modernized an ancient land.

The Shah and his young queen, Empress Farah Diba, were guests at a White House luncheon for 125 persons, including diplomatic and military officials, members of Congress, and representatives of companies operating in the Middle East.

Earlier, the Shah met privately with President Johnson and Secretary of State Dean Rusk. Today’s meeting was the first for the two chiefs of state since 1962.

The issue of U.S. aid to Iran was sidestepped, it was understood, because the U.S. has a continuing five-year agreement for military aid to that country. In addition, Iran’s oil revenues are steadily rising to take up the slack in declining U.S. economic aid.

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