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Seventeenth Anniversary of WWII Crossing at Remagen

Mar. 7, 1962 - The United States flag flew today on the Remagen railroad bridge over the Rhine, where 17 years ago G.I.’s forced their way across and shortened World War II. This time the Stars and Stripes flew alongside a German flag as a friendly reunion was held by the first American over the bridge and some of the German soldiers who had tried to stop the U.S. advance. About 500 spectators attended ceremonies marking the anniversary of the crossing. The crossing of the Rhine in 1945 signaled the fall of Nazi Germany’s last natural barrier to the West. The hero of the day was Sgt. Joseph Delisio, 40 years old, who is now attached to the 24th Infantry Division in Augsburg. Sergeant Delisio, who won the Distinguished Service Cross for cleaning out a machine-gun nest that was blocking the bridge, suggested today’s reunion.


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