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Seven Americans Injured in Vietnam

Apr. 29, 1963 - Seven American military advisers were injured in South Vietnam today — two in a grenade incident and five when Communists shot down a helicopter. A U.S. Army CH-21 helicopter crashed 25 miles northwest of the coastal city of Quang Ngai when hit repeatedly by Viet Cong small arms fire. All five Americans on board and four Vietnamese passengers were injured in the crash but apparently not by bullets. An escorting helicopter landed and picked up the injured although it also had been hit several times. The downed helicopter was later destroyed by fighter-bombers. The other two American casualties came in the southern delta town of Long Xuyen when a terrorist threw a grenade into a restaurant in which a U.S. captain and a sergeant were eating. The captain was hit in the back and neck and the sergeant was hit in the arms and face. Both men were evacuated to Saigon for treatment. The grenade thrower was not apprehended.


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