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Senator Fulbright Assails Goldwater on Senate Floor

Aug. 2, 1963 - Senator J.W. Fulbright (pictured), chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, characterized Senator Barry Goldwater today as a sponsor of an international policy of “co-annihilation.” Mr. Fulbright (D-Ark.) addressed the Senate in reply to the Arizona Republican’s speech of July 12 before the Human Events Conference in Washington. He sarcastically thanked Mr. Goldwater for having expressed the opinion that Democrats were not Communists. In return, he said that Mr. Goldwater was no Communist either, “despite the similarity of some of his views to those of the rulers of Communist China.” “The Senator from Arizona,” Mr. Fulbright said, “is opposed to ‘coexistence’ — so are the Chinese Communists. The Senator is opposed to the nuclear test ban treaty — so are the Chinese Communists. The Senator thinks it is cowardly to try to avoid nuclear war — so do the Chinese Communists.” Mr. Fulbright then turned to Senator Goldwater’s opposition to “liberalism” and went on: “‘Liberalism’ stands for such wickedness as Social Security, which has destroyed the ‘freedom’ of the aged to be destitute or dependent, and rural electrification and farm price supports, which have destroyed the ‘freedom’ of the farmer to live in poverty and deprivation — by candlelight.” Before making his speech, Mr. Fulbright notified Senator Goldwater’s office of his intentions. Senator Goldwater was not in the chamber — only a few Senators were — and was reported to be out of the city.


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