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Sen. Morse Calls Wallace a “Punk” and “Disgrace”

Sept. 4, 1963 - Senator Wayne Morse (pictured), Democrat of Oregon, denounced Governor George Wallace of Alabama as a “punk” and a “disgrace to the great office he holds.” Mr. Wallace retorted that Mr. Morse was a “psychiatric case.” He added: “I’d rather be a punk than a pink.” Senator Morse said in a Senate speech that Governor Wallace, with his anti-integration tactics, had “clothed his office in infamy.” “In my part of the country, he’d meet the description of a slang word — punk,” Mr. Morse said. “His legal tactics are those of a shyster.” In Montgomery, Mr. Wallace shot back that Mr. Morse’s “attack in which he insulted the people of Alabama by calling their Governor a punk indicates that he needs his head examined.”


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