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Search for Frank Sinatra Jr. Continues

Dec. 10, 1963 - Agents of the FBI and sheriff’s squads pressed a search in the snow-covered mountains around Lake Tahoe last night for Frank Sinatra Jr. and his two kidnappers. Six men with eighteen guns in their possession were picked up in the search during the day. Two turned out to be wanted for bank robbery, the others wanted as their accomplices. John Foss, young Sinatra’s roommate who was bound up by the two men who abducted the 19-year-old singer, observed all six and could not make a positive identification of any. Curtis Lynum, FBI agent-in-charge, said: “There appears to be no connection between the two cases. We are searching for gold, and we came up with silver.” Sheriff Ernest Carlson told newsmen he felt “growing concern” over Mr. Sinatra’s safety. Asked if there was fear for the youth’s life, he replied: “Certainly; there always is in every kidnapping.” No ransom notes have been received, but the young singer’s father was staying by the telephone at his hotel room in Reno. The kidnapped youth’s mother, Nancy, former wife of the elder Sinatra, was “keeping her phone open” in Beverly Hills, Calif., in the event the kidnappers called. Young Sinatra was forced out of his motel room last night by two men armed with a sawed-off shotgun and a .45-caliber pistol shortly before he was to have performed at Harrah’s, a gambling casino, at 10 p.m. The casino is in Nevada; the motel is just across the state line in California. The elder Sinatra received a call last night from Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy, who pledged that the full resources of the Justice Department would be used in the hunt for the abductors and their victim.


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