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Screaming Mob of Delirious Giant Fans Disrupts S.F. International Airport

Oct. 3, 1962 - A screaming mob of 50,000 broke through police lines at San Francisco International Airport tonight while waiting to welcome home the pennant-winnning San Francisco Giants. The surging mass disrupted air traffic and forced the team’s plane to land a mile away at a maintenance base. The mob, pushing and tugging and spilling over onto runways and aprons, halted incoming and outgoing air traffic. “We had seven or eight flights disrupted,” said a spokesman from the control tower. “We couldn’t move any traffic because of the jam-up of cars around the airport and the people on the runways. We can’t get the jets moved around on the aprons for fear we’ll injure someone. People who have landed can’t get out of the airport because all the roads are blocked. I tell you, it’s a mess.”


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