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Schell Demands Privacy for Hollywood Celebrities

Oct. 1, 1962 - Actor Maximilian Schell (pictured with Sophia Loren) assailed today photographers and reporters who invade the privacy of actors or other public figures. The Oscar-winning star declared that the laws of Europe and the U.S. were inadequate to preserve even a minimum of privacy. Mr. Schell told of a party in the Hollywood home of one American star that was photographed from a nearby hill with telescopic lenses. In Italy, he observed photographers sitting in trees and taking pictures. “There I am, under constant observation in my own home. What can I do?” he demanded. “I cannot take a gun and shoot them. They are not on my property. I am not even supposed to shout at them or to show anger because then they would only photograph me in my anger.” He said that he had no objection to being photographed on public occasions. Under such conditions, Mr. Schell said, an actor knows he is a public figure and has no right to complain if he is shown behaving stupidly.


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