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San Francisco Manager Predicts Victory Tomorrow

Oct. 2, 1962 - “We’ll get ‘em tomorrow. That’s all I have to say.” These words were spoken by a tight-lipped Alvin Dark tonight after his Giants had blown a five-run lead to the Dodgers for a loss that put the teams back into a tie in their frenzied scramble for the National League pennant. “Neither club has an advantage in tomorrow’s showdown,” the Giant manager said. “You never have an advantage in any single game. It’s strictly a 50-50 proposition.” Drawn and haggard after the tension-filled 4-hour-18-minute contest, Dark hit on two incidents as turning points of the game. The first was when Willie Mays was called out at third in the eighth inning (pictured), knocking a lot of steam out of a Giant rally. The other was the Giants’ failure to head Maury Wills off at third on Daryl Spencer’s ninth-inning bunt. Jocko Conlan, the umpire who called Mays out at third, said there hadn’t been question in his mind. Despite the general opinion that Conlan had flashed the “safe” sign before signaling “out,” the umpire maintained that Jim Gilliam had tagged Mays well up the baseline. Mays claimed that his feet were well across the bag before Gilliam tagged him. Dark said: “My eyes are going bad if I didn’t see Jocko first signal Willie safe.” Most of the reporters covering the game agreed with Dark.


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