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Sammy Davis to Star in Theatrical Version of “The Desperate Hours”

Aug. 12, 1962 - Sammy Davis Jr. will make his New York area dramatic debut next Monday at the Mineola Playhouse in “The Desperate Hours.” He will play the role originated on Broadway by Paul Newman. The play by Joseph Hayes was the basis for the 1955 film starring Humphrey Bogart. Commenting on the melodrama, which deals with a group of escaped convicts who terrorize a family, Mr. Davis said: “I wanted to do something off-beat. Well, this is it. I’m the mastermind of the escapees. And because a Negro is playing the part, I think the character takes on more value. You can understand the boy’s problems.” Mr. Davis said there were many roles that Negroes could play. “I think this is the answer for the Negro actor. For example, couldn’t a Negro play the lead in ‘The Caine Mutiny’?” About his acting style, Mr. Davis said: “Style? No, I don’t have any special style. I just try to act and be as honest as I know how. I’m going to play this convict as a kid who’s sick. You see him crack before your eyes.”#theater #broadway #classicmovies


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