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S.F. Giants and Cepeda at Contract Impasse

Mar. 6, 1963 - Chub Feeney, general manager of the San Francisco Giants, said today he and Orlando Cepeda (right with José Pagan) had “reached an impasse” in salary talks. Feeney said that “for the fourth time in the last 24 hours,” he had phoned the first baseman in Puerto Rico but they were still unable to agree. “I offered Cepeda the same salary he got last year [believed to be $45,000], but he asked for more,” Feeney said. “I will not try for the next day or so to call him again.” Meanwhile, the other holdout, Juan Marichal, who authored 18 wins last year, planned to leave the Dominican Republic today or tomorrow for the training camp in Phoenix. It was indicated the Giants and Marichal were “several thousand dollars apart.” Marichal made about $15,000 last year and is believed to be asking double that figure.


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