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Rusk Meets with Khrushchev — Loses at Badminton

Aug. 9, 1963 - Secretary of State Dean Rusk talked for 2½ hours today with Premier Khrushchev at Gagra, on the Black Sea. The two men met at Mr. Khrushchev’s vacation retreat. Mr. Rusk said they touched on a “number of things” in a relaxed atmosphere, but reached no conclusions. The talks were “frank and friendly,” according to Tass, the Soviet press agency. Mr. Rusk is scheduled to leave tomorrow for Bonn for meetings with Chancellor Adenauer before he flies to Washington on Sunday. Today, Premier Khrushchev, smiling and relaxed, greeted Mr. Rusk and his party and introduced them to his son-in-law, Aleksei Adzhubei, editor of the Government newspaper Izvestia, and other members of his family, including his two small grandsons, Vanya and Nikita. The meeting itself was strictly a shirtsleeves affair. Later, Mr. Khrushchev and Mr. Rusk played badminton. Premier Khrushchev won. Secretary Rusk is no slouch as an athlete and is said to be fast on his feet. The fact that he could lose a badminton game to Mr. Khrushchev played without a net on an oriental rug was attributed to fading eyesight — or rising hopes of East-West goodwill.


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