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Ruby Suffering Apparent Mental Breakdown

Apr. 28, 1964 - Jack Ruby’s family hired a psychiatrist to treat him today.

Ruby, said to have become insane since he was convicted of murdering Lee Harvey Oswald, is scheduled to appear in court tomorrow for a hearing on his motion for a new trial.

About a dozen psychiatrists, representing the state and defense, have seen Ruby, but only in connection with the case against him. The family hired Dr. William Beavers of Woodlawn Hospital to treat him.

Dr. Beavers spent an hour with Ruby today in a county jail cell. Afterward, he said he wanted to “evaluate” Ruby’s condition and that it was too early to comment on that or possible treatment.

Dr. L.J. West, a psychiatrist hired to help defend Ruby, said Ruby had hallucinations early Sunday that all the Jews in the country were being slaughtered and that he was responsible because of his killing of Oswald, the accused assassin of President Kennedy.

Ruby rammed his head into the wall in an attempt to commit suicide, according to Dr. West, and also unraveled the lining of his jail uniform for a noose. Dr. West said Ruby was “paranoiac.”

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