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Rozelle: No NFL Cooperation with AFL until Lawsuits End

Dec. 21, 1962 - There is no chance of any cooperation between the two pro football leagues as long as the newer American Football League is suing the established National Football League. And even if the suit is settled, the chance is very slim. This was made clear today by NFL commissioner Pete Rozelle (pictured) made in Dallas, one of the two cities where the leagues meet head on. Lamar Hunt, owner of the AFL team in Dallas, said he would like to see the two leagues merge under one commissioner as in baseball. “It would be the sensible way to operate a business,” Hunt said, but added that there are “conflicting ideas and some hard feelings between various owners” in the two leagues. Rozelle pointed out that the AFL has an appeal pending on its suit claiming the NFL has tried to monopolize pro football. “You must remember that we are coming up to the third anniversary of defending ourselves against litigation or the threat of litigation,” Rozelle said.


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