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Rozelle Leaves Door Open for Hornung and Karras

Apr. 18, 1963 - Paul Hornung and Alex Karras can hope for reinstatement in time for the 1964 season if they avoid betting on football games and shun bettors or undesirables. “Their future course of conduct and their attitude would be important,” said commissioner Pete Rozelle (pictured) of the NFL, who suspended Hornung, the Green Bay Packer star halfback, and Karras, the all-pro Detroit Lion tackle, yesterday. “We did not find evidence of any of the major things that had been mentioned in rumors,” Rozelle continued. “We did not find any evidence of players shaving points or taking money from gamblers.” “I’d have to say Hornung helped himself tremendously with his straighforward statement yesterday,” said one NFL official. “I’m sure the commissioner will take it into consideration when the time comes for reviewing Paul’s case.” Hornung, three-time leading scorer of the NFL, minced no words when he was officially notified of his suspension. “I made a terrible mistake,” he said. “I realize this now. I am truly sorry. What else is there to say?” His salary at Green Bay of about $30,000 and at least as much in endorsements will probably be lost. But Hornung reportedly has investments in several business and sports promotions in Louisville, and he believes he has at least 5 more playing years if he is reinstated by 1964. Karras has said he would support his family by being a bartender and pro wrestler. He has a pro wrestling date April 27 in Detroit against Dick the Bruiser. Karras has reportedly been offered a $40,000-a-year contract by John Doyle, a wrestling promoter.


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