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Royals Top Lakers in L.A.

Mar. 4, 1963 - Elgin Baylor took a look at the clock with 1:30 left to play tonight, and it cost the Lakers their fifth straight defeat. The Lakers held a one-point lead, and Baylor had the ball when he glanced up. In that instant, Jack Twyman stole the ball and went the distance for the layup that propelled the Cincinnati Royals to a 114-111 victory before 4,427 moaning fans at the L.A. Sports Arena. Twyman then followed his larceny with two quick jumpers, and a determined, uphill Laker fight ended in another disappointment. The Lakers, smarting under four straight defeats, showed heart, but Fred Schaus’s team lacks the sharpshooting and precision it had before Jerry West was injured. The way they’re playing now, it’s a good thing the Los Angelenos had a big early lead in their drive to the NBA’s Western Division title because they blew this one to a team that has been in a bad slump. Just a month ago, the Lakers had visions of a new NBA record for most victories, and they seemed a cinch to post the best overall mark over Boston. But with the torn hamstring suffered by West on Feb. 3, such Laker dreams went down the drain.


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