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Romney to Announce Decision on Michigan Governor Run by Feb. 10

Feb. 2, 1962 - The political credo of George Romney, the new hope of Michigan Republicans, is a mixture of strongly conservative views and some unorthodox opinions. Mr. Romney, the 54-year-old president of the American Motor Corporation, is being mentioned as a probable candidate for Governor of Michigan and also as a possibility for the Republican Presidential nomination in 1964. Mr. Romney declines to classify himself as a liberal or a conservative. He says that he does not think in those terms but rather tries to identify problems and issues and what ought to be done. Mr. Romney speaks strongly about civil rights. He says that discrimination against Negroes must be eliminated if the U.S. is to be listened to by the peoples of the world. He has said that he will announce his decision on a run for Governor by Feb. 10.


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