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Romney Elected Governor of Michigan

Nov. 7, 1962 - The election of Michigan’s first Republican Governor in 14 years is regarded as a distinctly personal victory for George Romney. It also thrusts him into the forefront of possible contenders for the Republican nomination for President in 1964. The former industrialist’s 78,000-vote triumph over Gov. John B. Swainson represented unusual success in appealing across party lines and capitalizing on an evident desire for new leadership in the Governor’s office after a long period of Democratic control. Mr. Romney, however, was unable to carry along anyone else on the Republican ticket. Consequently, he will have a Democratic lieutenant governor and a Democratic State Administrative Board. The 55-year-old Governor-elect said today he would work diligently for acceptance by the voters of a new State Constitution drafted earlier this year by a special convention. It will be submitted to the electorate in April.


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