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Rolling Stones Top Britain’s Melody Maker Chart for First Time

July 6, 1964 - The five shaggy-haired Rolling Stones rolled to the top of Britain’s Melody Maker pop chart for the first time today. But only one of them was around to hear the big news.

He was the longest-haired Stone of them all, Brian Jones (top), 22, who plays guitar and harmonica. He had postponed a holiday trip to New York because of “business interests.”

Lead singer Mick Jagger, 20, was on holiday at Ibiza, a Mediterranean island off Spain, with drummer Charlie Watts, 23.

Keith Richard, 20, and Bill Wyman, 27, were “around the South Coast somewhere.”

The record that did the trick was their fourth single, “It’s All Over Now,” recorded in Chicago last month and issued only 10 days ago.

Brian was delighted at the news. He said: “I didn’t like the number when I heard it on the radio. But I like it now.”

Last week’s chart-topping group, The Animals, slipped to No. 2 with “House of the Rising Sun.”

Both groups are likely to be eclipsed by the Beatles next week with their film single, “A Hard Day’s Night,” due for issue on Friday with 500,000 advance orders.

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