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Roger Staubach Wins Heisman Trophy

Nov. 26, 1963 - Roger Staubach of Navy today was named the Heisman Trophy winner for 1963. The junior quarterback won college football’s highest individual honor in a season rich with brilliant quarterbacks. Staubach became the 29th Heisman winner by a landslide. His closest competitors were Billy Lothridge, a Georgia Tech quarterback, and Sherman Lewis, a Michigan State halfback. Staubach’s artistry as a passer, his power as a runner, and the quality of his leadership on the field are considered the significant reasons for the Naval Academy’s current 8-1 record. His personal statistics are outstanding. This season, Staubach has gained 363 yards rushing in 144 carries and has passed for 1,375 yards. For the second straight year he leads the nation’s passers with a completion percentage of 67.3 — for 101 completions in 150 passes attempted. By air and land, Staubach has accounted for 92 of the 293 points Navy has scored this season, a season that began with coach Wayne Hardin’s flat statement: “Roger Staubach is destined to become the greatest quarterback that ever played for Navy.” Today, Hardin said: “I am very pleased with the award. I think that he deserved it, and I am very proud of him. I never personally had any doubt that he would win it. I am glad that we had the opportunity to play in different sections of the country so that different people could see him play.” Said modest Roger of his success: “Our boys have been getting that second block for me.” A 21-year-old native of Cincinnati, Roger Thomas Staubach, son of a wholesale shoe salesman, has been characterized as a quiet, serious young man deeply attached to home and church. He attends early mass every morning of the week, even before games. He will be presented with the award Wednesday, Dec. 4.


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